Our barrel production process is in place to ensure that with each batch produced, we’re continuing to meet the Diamondback standard: the highest quality cost-effective barrels available on the market. Our barrel materials come pre-hardened to 26-32 Rockwell C. The barrel material is first checked for straightness before heading to gun drilling. Once gun drilling is complete, each blank produced will have less than a .010” total indicated runout (TIR) and will be checked for hole straightness, roundness, size, and surface finish, then will be reamed to size within .0001”. Our standard is to achieve less than 10 micro inch surface finish prior to rifling. The reamed bore is then cleaned in preparation for our 5R button rifling process. We prefer the combo of 5R and button rifling due to its impressive history of precision, repeatability, and efficiency. We use a proprietary button rifling oil mixture to ensure precise size and finish is consistently achieved.

Once rifled, all blanks are air gauged. The blanks are then cut to size and turned (profiled) on center using our state-of-the-art CNC machines. These machines help with accuracy and efficiency to enable us to reduce cost for our customers. The next step is chambering. We use industry-leading chamber reamers producing the best chamber finish and tolerance consistency. All chambers are honed to remove any fine burrs and/or tooling marks and creating the best chamber surface possible. Our barrels are then crowned with an 11-degree target crown to give the most consistent pressure as the bullet leaves the barrel. After profiling and chambering, our barrels get hardened via the black nitride process to offer corrosion prevention, increased durability, and toughness. Barrels are then assembled, cleaned, and given a final QC inspection before packaging and shipment.


4150CrMoV and 416R Stainless Steel



10,501 barrels/month


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